About Us

About Us

The team behind the revolutionary medical education tool, Med Valley.

Our Vision

At Med Valley, we are committed to revolutionizing medical education by providing medical students with a practical and engaging tool for preparing for the OSCEs. Med Valley was founded by doctors for med students, and we prioritize their learning needs above all else. Our virtual reality-based platform provides a unique opportunity for medical students to learn through hands-on clinical experiences in a safe and controlled environment.

We understand that students in the medical field face tremendous pressure and mental health challenges, which is why we prioritized creating a product that is both effective and supportive. Med Valley prepares students for the OSCEs and helps build their confidence and clinical skills. In addition, the use of gamification on our platform creates a competitive and engaging learning experience that keeps medical students motivated and committed to their education.

At Med Valley, we are proud to be at the forefront of medical education innovation. Our vision is to empower medical students to become the best health care professionals they can be.

Interested in Joining Us?

Every school needs a Student Rep. Student Reps help new users and encourage schools to make tools like this available to all students.
We are a growing team with a variety of needs. Contact us if you have some unique ideas and would like to get involved.

Our Team

Our team collaborates cross-departmentally to deliver exceptional customer service and continuously grow personally and professionally.

Additional Contributors

In addition to our internal team, we work with a variety of external teams including our creative development team, education team, company advisors, and other industry leaders to provide an innovative tool for med students.

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