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Med Valley is Commited to Revolutionizing Medical Education

Our Vision

Med Valley was founded by medical students for medical students. As a result, we prioritize the learning needs of medical students above all else. This means that in addition to being an effective test preparation tool, our product needs to be engaging for medical students. Medical students are placed under tremendous pressure, which may be why they struggle with mental health challenges more than any other professional courses... yes, even lawyers. We know Medical students don't like to back down from a challenge, so we aim to help them avoid unnecessary obstacles on the path to their education. Virtual reality environments allow for the benefits of hands-on clinical learning without all the red tape and hassle. Virtual reality also allows for gamification, which makes for a competitive and engaging learning experience.

Our Team

The CEO and Founder of Simtec MD, B. McKay Byam, MD. He's wearing a white button-up shirt. His arms are folded over his chest and he's smiling.

B. McKay Byam, MD

CEO and Founder
McKay is fascinated by the process that transforms a medical student into a doctor. He considers this transformation to be one of the more noble yet challenging tasks our society faces, and is committed to revolutionizing this process.
Alejandro Friant, the Chief of VOSCE Product at Simtec MD smiles at the camera. He has a mustache and goatee, and he's wearing a blue button-up shirt.

Alejandro Friant

Chief of VOSCE product
Alejandro spent years training the medical field before switching to business management and software development.
Head of Research and Development at Simtec MD, Evelyn Chew, is turned slightly to the side while smiling at the camera. She's wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt with white triangles on it.

Evelyn Chew, MD

Head of Research and Development
Evelyn is an Australian doctor with a side of business training. She is passionate about training and preparing medical students for the realities of being junior healthcare workers.
Sasha Godfrey, game designer at Simtec MD is smiling at the camera. She wears a black button-up shirt and a small gold chain.

Sasha Godfrey, PhD

Game Designer
During Sasha's PhD training, she never let her love for gaming wane. This eventually led to her work with NATO in the development of serious games for training purposes before taking up a position with Med Valley.

Bobbi Jarman

Director of Marketing
Bobbi has been in the client service industry for 10+ years. She enjoys the creativity and production related to Marketing campaigns. Strategizing with the team while making sure everything runs smoothly, is her happy place.

Other Contributers

Our team also includes others who contribute in a variety of ways including our creative development team, education team, company advisors, and other industry leaders we cooperate with.

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Every school needs a Student Rep. Student Reps help new users and encourage schools to make tools like this available to all students. 

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We are a growing team with a variety of needs. Contact us if you have unique ideas to get involved. 

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