Personalized Learning

Med Valley automatically tracks your results on clinical exams and prompts content you most need to learn and review.

Unlimited Clinical Access

No more practicing on sick patients or room mate. Practice for your OSCE exams anytime and anywhere in VR. as much as you need.

OSCE Test Preparation

Your learning dashboard can show you how ready you are for your next clinical exams.

Voice Interaction

Med Valley’s has speech integration, allowing you to communicate with virtual patients the same way you would in real clinics.

Pass Your OSCEs With VR

Are you having trouble studying for your clinical exams due to limited access to patients, difficulty tracking your own scores, and having to use outdated and disconnected learning tools?

Med Valley will solve these problems and more!

Step out of the classroom and into your own virtual clinic. With Med Valley, you have unlimited access to virtual patients to help you study for – and pass – your OSCE exams! Automated score tracking, spaced repetition, and randomization are all simplified into one personalized tool to help you with your medical school requirements.

No laptop or gaming PC is required. All you need is an Oculus Quest VR headset to practice histories, physical exams, and procedures just like in a real hospital setting.

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