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What is SimTec MD Building?

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Features of Virtual Clinical Scenarios

OSCE Test Preparation

Virtual OSCE scenarios allow medical students to practice and refine their routine for clinical exams.


Virtual environments allows for medical education to be fun without putting patients at risk.

Personalized Learning

Feedback reports and progress dashboards allow students to understand their strengths and weakness to make their time spent practicing and studying more efficient.

Voice Interaction

SimTec MD's speech recognition software allows you to interact with virtual environments in a simple and intuitive way.

The back of a person's head who's wearing a black Meta Quest Virtual Reality Headset. The person has long red hair and wears a black shirt.

Haptic Controllers

These controllers allow you to receive feedback from the virtual environment through vibrations and motion detection. These features allow medical students to perform tasks in a similar way to how they would normally perform in the real world.

A hand holds a black Meta Quest touch controller.

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SimTec MD is a proud distributor of Learn Suite, which is a VR learning dashboard powered by Frameless Interactive.

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