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Unlimited Clinical Access for Medical Students

Includes full access to clinical scenarios, patient simulations, score dashboard, video learning content, and new monthly scenarios!

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Virtual Patients, Real Results

Limited clinical access, tracking your own scores, and disconnected learning tools are stopping you from mastering your clinical skills.

You can solve these problems with Med Valley, and for a limited time you can try it out for free.
No credit card information required.

No laptop or gaming PC required. All you need is an Oculus headset to practice histories, physical exams, and procedures—just like in a real hospital setting.

Virtual patients, real results.

Free version

  • Access to VOSCE Training Room
  • Practicing Clinical Examinations
  • Onboarding with one of the Med Valley onboarding managers
  • No credit card required

All Access

$ 9.99
  • Access to all clinical scenarios
  • High quality patient simulations
  • Score dashboard to track results over time
  • Videos within the headset to address learning gaps
  • All access to new scenarios released monthly
  • OSCE test preparation

You can do more than just learn—experience, excel, and overcome demanding clinical simulations using industry-leading VR technologies.

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